Drug Safety (DC)

Improving medication use systems, reducing adverse drug events and developing innovative assessment and intervention resources

Reducing Adverse Drug Events in the Elderly

Adverse drug events disproportionately affect patients over the age of 65 across all healthcare settings, including hospitals, ambulatory care, and long-term care facilities.

AQIN-DC are working with healthcare providers, patients, and other interested stakeholders in communities across the District of Columbia to reduce and prevent adverse drug events. Our goal is to reduce emergency room visits and hospital readmissions and improve health outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries.

Pharmacists also play a vital role in reducing avoidable hospital readmissions. Recent studies show that more than 15% of Medicare beneficiaries are readmitted within 30 days of discharge at an estimated cost of $12 billion annually. Interventions to improve handoffs between hospitals, physician practices, nursing homes, and others along the continuum of care are well documented. AQIN-DC is working on community-based care transitions programs around the District.

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